The Many Benefits of Health Coaching

“The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources.” — HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW

Making tough lifestyle changes is a great deal easier with a good coach. At Healics, our coaches help thousands of employees across the country achieve wellness goals they never imagined were possible. Every day, we help people — of all ages and in all industries — identify goals and make positive lifestyle changes, so they are able to lower their health risks and live happier, healthier, more vibrant lives. And healthier employees make for a more productive, cost-effective workforce for the clients we serve.

Real results

Along with our proprietary health risk assessment, a majority of Healics customers tap into our coaching expertise to realize substantial benefits. For example:

  • At Wisconsin Valley Concrete/Wisconsin Flowgate & Culvert, 35% of coaching participants increased their annual HRA scores. Learn more. (link to case study)
  • At Webcrafters, Inc., 54% of coaching participants increased their annual HRA scores. Learn more. (link to case study)

The Healics difference

While many wellness providers offer coaching, most don’t achieve the results that we do at Healics. Why?

  • All of our coaches are Healics employees, which means they share our passion for wellness and total commitment to our clients.
  • Our coaches are all certified wellness coaches, skilled in how to influence real change in your employees.
  • Our coaches are also carefully trained in intrinsic coaching, along with motivational interviewing skills.
  • We never stop learning. Healics coaches attend ongoing training to remain current with changing processes, protocols and industry standards.

Our coaching process

At Healics, our confidential, one-on-one coaching sessions are performed in person or over the phone. During our face-to-face meetings, we offer to check blood pressure, weight and progress with improving body measurements. We also bring something to sample or demonstrate, such as a food product or fitness item.

Healics coaches start by reviewing health results and how the individual responded to the HRA questionnaire. Participants are asked to set meaningful goals to work on throughout the year. Goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time specific, but more importantly — ones that have meaning to an employee’s life.

Then we work to determine one or two steps the employee can take action on to move closer to those goals. Our coaches encourage daily consistency, flexibility and patience.

Planning and prioritizing are the next powerful steps. A relationship is built and the participant comes to know that the Healics coach is there every step of the way — helping to overcome barriers and procrastination, and provide the information, support, motivation or accountability needed to achieve positive results.

See the results

Our coaches achieve amazing results. We invite you to review our case studies to see just how beneficial a Healics coaching program can be. (link to case studies page)

Put Healics coaches to work for you

Want to give your employees the benefit of better health? Call us at 1-800-HEALICS today or contact us now. (link to contact page)