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Your organization isn’t like any other. You know that, and so do we. That’s why Healics offers a range of independent programs that can be combined and customized to create an employee wellness program that works for your employees, and your budget. Whether you are a company of two or 10,000, we can provide flexible, tailored wellness solutions that meet your goals and bring results. Together we can create a wellness culture that works to lower insurance claims, reduce health premiums, and most importantly, allows your employees to lead healthier, happier lives.

Our services and programs include:

When it comes to employee wellness, what do you want to accomplish? Where are you now, and where do you want to go? We partner with hundreds of companies every year, and know just what works, and what doesn’t.

Call us today, and we’ll work together to assess your current culture and create a strategic wellness plan that meets your goals and your budget.

A confidential Healics Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is one of the most important health benefits you can give to your employees. And at Healics, ours is the best in the business. What’s more, we include a range of key services as part of our base HRA that others in the wellness industry add at extra cost. Why? Because we know they’re necessary, and we want you and your employees to have real success.

Our proprietary HRA was developed and perfected over a 30-year timeframe. It includes a detailed health questionnaire, blood analysis and a collection of biometric data. These confidential employee screenings are conducted on-site at your workplace, in private rooms, by skilled Healics examiners.

When we analyze all of the information we gather, we’re able to give each of your employees a confidential, comprehensive HRA report. This road map to wellness identifies major health risks, which with proper guidance, might be lowered to potentially prevent chronic health problems. If an individual already has a chronic disease, an HRA can help identify how treatment is working and provide ways to reduce long-term effects.

The report is designed to offer an “at a glance” understanding of risks. It’s simple to read, and simple to understand — with a total score of 100 being the best an employee can achieve. Each biomarker receives a score based on a risk category, so your employee can easily see exactly where he or she may be at risk.

At Healics, we believe in scoring only what we can test, touch, and feel for the most accurate results. The questionnaire helps to identify the types of worksite wellness programs that your employees want, and allows for a more personal exchange during follow-up, one-on-one coaching sessions.

The HRA report is mailed to each employee’s home, along with support materials to answer questions and trigger the thinking process to begin making lifestyle changes. Next, a Healics advisor or coach meets face-to-face or telephonically with your employees to share the findings, answer questions and offer congratulations on taking that first important step toward wellness. These confidential, one-on-one meetings can be held at your worksite or by phone.

Healics carefully manages all phases of the HRA process to make them timely and easy for your employees, and for you.

Biometrics are the backbone of the Healics HRA process. In a confidential worksite screening, we collect each employee’s blood pressure, waist measurement, height and weight. We also draw blood, either a venipuncture or fingerstick process, to test for a wide range of levels and to compare to national laboratory guidelines.

Using this biometrics data, we’re able to determine a solid baseline for an individual’s current state of health, which allows us to detect and share potential risks and concerns.

In the end, achieving goals comes down to personal responsibility. Yet success is far more likely with strong support on the journey.

A Healics advisor or coach meets individually and confidentially with each of your team to review HRA results, and discuss how they compare to medical guidelines. This gives your employees an opportunity to ask questions and begin to talk about personal health goals. We also encourage them to share the results of their HRA with their primary care provider. Better health is a team effort, and the more people on your side, the greater your chances of success.

Our report delivery or coaching sessions take just 15 to 20 minutes, however that short time frame can be life-changing. That’s why we make sure that it is a very positive experience from the start. Ultimately, your employees are accountable for their health, and must have the drive and willpower to make necessary lifestyle changes. But it will be a lot easier with Healics along for the ride. Wherever they want to go, and whatever they want to achieve.

While individual employee HRA results are confidential, Healics gives you a big picture view of your team’s health. We provide the data you need to make a difference — not only in the well-being of your employees, but also in the well-being of your organization as a whole.

After all HRA screenings are complete, Healics will share aggregate data with the employer. This detailed executive summary is HIPAA compliant and contains a comprehensive picture of your workforce’s overall health and well-being. It’s just what you need to develop a strategic employee wellness plan that will bring results.

Making tough lifestyle changes is a great deal easier with a good coach. Every Healics health coach believes in your employees, and knows that they have the ability to achieve their personal health goals.

Our confidential, one-on-one coaching sessions can be performed in person or over the phone. During our face-to-face meetings, we offer to check blood pressure, weight and progress with improving body measurements. We also bring something to sample or demonstrate, such as a food product or fitness item.

We start by reviewing health results, and then we ask your employee to establish some meaningful goals to work on throughout the year. Goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time specific, but more importantly — ones that have meaning to your employee’s life.

Then we work to determine one or two steps your employee can take action on to move closer to those goals. We encourage daily consistency, flexibility and patience.

Planning and prioritizing are the next powerful steps. Again, the Healics coach is there every step of the way, helping to overcome barriers and procrastination. And if the individual needs information, support, motivation or accountability to move forward, we’re right there.

All of our coaches are Healics employees and certified wellness coaches. They are carefully trained in intrinsic coaching, along with motivational interviewing skills. See case studies of coaching results with real Healics customers.

Worrying about finances can cause stress for your employees. Are bills piling up? Are they living paycheck to paycheck? Or perhaps burdened with too much credit card debt? According to a Pricewaterhouse Coopers study, nearly a quarter of employees confirm that personal finance issues are a distraction at work, and 39% say they spend three hours or more each week dealing with issues related to personal finance. And stress and worry takes a toll on overall health and well-being.

At Healics, we have tools and resources to help your employees become more financially stable, so they can stop worrying about money.

Reaching goals is so much easier with strong support. We know that lifestyle changes can be tough, which is why we offer a variety of creative programs to encourage your employees, every step of the way. Together, we can create a customized and personalized plan to help your employees succeed through efforts, including:

  • Wellness seminars
  • Group walking teams
  • Workplace challenges
  • Healthy habit workshops
  • Nutrition information sessions
  • Tobacco cessation therapy
  • Stress counseling
  • Weight management programs
  • Financial wellness support

When your employees fall in the “high” or “extreme” risk categories on their HRA scorecard, Healics health coaches may recommend care management. Individuals with diseases such as asthma, COPD or diabetes can benefit tremendously from a comprehensive, one-on-one approach to managing their conditions. Our care management program is “all-inclusive”, not disease-specific. This means that employees and care managers work together to address all areas of the disease that are negatively impacting the individual’s well-being. Goals are set to improve the employee’s HRA score and overall health, so that he or she may graduate from care management to being assigned to a wellness coach for continued monitoring.

Reaching a milestone is a big deal. It should be acknowledged and rewarded. All that hard work, determination and sacrifice deserve a celebration.

Healics can help you shine a light on your wellness successes with celebratory events that fit your culture and match the energy of your organization. Show your employees just how much you applaud their decision to lead healthier lives, while encouraging others to stick with it, because you believe in them.

Call Healics today. Together we can create a wellness culture that works to lower insurance claims, reduce health premiums, and most importantly, allows your employees to lead healthier, happier lives.

Data isn’t useful if it isn’t easy to understand. That’s why Healics compiles the results of our Health Risk Assessment (HRA) into one clear and concise scorecard. Based on his or her HRA results, each employee is given a personal total health risk score, somewhere between -6 and 100. 100 is the best possible score and indicates the individual is at “no risk”.

The report identifies known health risk categories, including nicotine use; healthy weight; blood pressure; glucose; triglycerides; and good, bad and total cholesterols. Each assessment area is graded and actual measured results are placed into one of five color-coded risk categories, from “minimal” to “extreme.”

Points are assigned to each area based on an employee’s results. The points from each of the assessment areas are then added together to provide a total health risk score. “High” and “extreme” risk results indicate areas that need improvement to reduce an individual’s chances of developing future health problems.

New participants see results from the current screening on their HRA report. In future years, current results are compared to the prior four years. This allows employees to easily see their progress year after year.


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