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Make April Your Month to Start Positive Habits

Our brains are more than just a tool used to store information or skills that we have learned. It is the engine that drives our thinking, that can also be trained to think more positively. There are many ways for our minds and bodies to get trapped under negative energy and thinking. You are currently feeling as though there are contributing factors to the negativity to your life, it might be time to try a combination of any of the three tips for staying positive, listed below. These are proven ways to train your brain to have a better outlook on your life and the happenings within it.

Search for the Silver Lining

As sappy as this phrase may be, it is an important motto to live by. To find the silver lining in situations, you’ll have to ask yourself to step outside of your current state and look in, like a Birdseye view to understand your life. Ask yourself, “how will this moment in time affect me in the long run?” From there, you will be able to see that not all trying times are meant to be bad and that it just takes internal reasoning to find the positivity. Self-reflection in this manner shows great strength and respect for yourself.

Practice Gratitude

This is an especially good habit to get into because not only does it boost your mood, it also spreads joy to those you reach out and express your gratitude to. There are two major ways that gratitude can be shared; the first one is writing letters to those surrounding your life because they are there offering support, in more ways than one. The second way is strictly personal because it is important to share your thoughts with yourself at the end of the day; by keeping a journal, you are allowing your brain to reflect on the day, week, or month in a way that is better than just thinking about certain moments. This is a key way to better understand who you are as a human and it allows your brain to pick up on the positive aspects of your days moving forward.

Change Unhealthy Self-Talk

It is easy to get down on yourself if something goes wrong at work or in your personal life. Instead of getting down on yourself, it’s important to take a moment to reset your brain out of self-doubt and turn on positive affirmations. It is proven the more you repeat positive sayings about yourself, the more you are going to believe 5 Simple ways to stay positivethem. Once you start believing them, you will then start practicing those positive components of your brain, thus creating a circle filled with positivity. Unhealthy self-talk is something easy to fall into, but just know that those thoughts are not going to help improve your brain function for the better.

These three ideas are big habits to consider changing and will take longer than the 5 simple ways to stay positive. These are tools you can start utilizing immediately and will start seeing an impact sooner, rather than later. Once you feel comfortable with one or all five of them, challenge yourself and transition over to one of the big three explained above. Make it your goal for April to start training your brain to have more positive thoughts.


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