Meet the Healics Leadership Team

  • Michael Naparalla, RN
    Owner, CEO Sales and Marketing


    Michael Naparalla, RN, Owner, CEO Sales and Marketing

    Michael Naparalla has a calling to save lives, even when he’s not trying. A frequent traveler for work and leisure, he has happened upon car accidents, heart attacks and other unexpected traumas in the air and on land more times than he cares to remember. And when he does, he always steps in to share his medical expertise.

    Michael is one of four owners of Healics, a nurse-owned and –operated, full-service wellness provider. His primary roles are to drive the sales team and develop processes to consistently provide better results for clients. Under his leadership, Healics continues to grow year over year, helping employers nationwide realize a healthier, happier workforce and a stronger bottom line.

    Knowing firsthand (literally) that too many individuals are at risk for health emergencies, it’s no wonder he’s passionate about his company’s mission to help people live their healthiest, happiest, most vibrant lives. Michael helped to develop both the Healics mission and its values, and lives them every day.

    In his off hours, he looks forward to fitness and travel, and to celebrating new and existing friendships. Michael welcomes positive, upbeat people, working toward a common goal, into his life.

  • Patti Plough, LPN, CWC
    Owner, CEO Operations


     Patti Plough, Licensed  Nurse, CWC, Owner, CEO Operations

    Patti Plough understands that inspired employees create stronger companies and economies. Throughout her long career in healthcare and worksite wellness, she has seen firsthand that when people love their jobs, they are more productive and creative. They return home happier, and treat their co-workers and customers better.
    As one of four Healics owners, Patti strives to inspire her employees every day. She lives and breathes the Healics’ mission: to help people live their healthiest, happiest, most vibrant lives. And her passion is contagious — and effective. Under Patti’s shared leadership, Healics sees consistent year-over-year growth and enjoys a 99% customer retention rate. Through her vision and insight, she fosters a culture of continuous improvement and best practices.
    People who meet Patti are frequently touched by her kindness and strong sense of compassion. You know immediately that she truly cares about you, what you have to say, and where you are at in your life. Patti strives to build self-esteem in others, and wants to help you write your own success story.
    Including Healics, Patti has founded and run several thriving companies. If you ask her the secret to these achievements, she’ll tell you that it’s all about finding your “WHY” — your deeper purpose. For Patti, her WHY is to make a difference in people’s lives. And when you meet her, you’ll soon discover that she does just that.
    Outside of work, Patti surrounds herself with the love of family, including three grandchildren, who are the light of her life.

  • Dan Plough
    Owner, Chief Financial Officer


    Dan Plough Owner, Chief Financial Officer

    Financials make Dan Plough happy, particularly when they add up nicely and continue to flow evenly to keep the Healics ship moving full speed ahead. Since retiring from a satisfying career at American Airlines, he has shared his expertise as Chief Financial Officer at Healics. A numbers man through and through, Dan is one half of a happy couple with Healics President Patti Plough, and one of four owners of the growing organization.

    Along with a healthy bottom line, Dan loves the family connection he finds at the office every day — not just with Patti, but with the entire Healics team, who truly enjoy the work they do and their ability to do it together, so very well.

    Dan describes himself as an honest, laid-back type of guy — just what you’d want in your top accountant. In his off hours, you might find him watching a classic movie, racing cars, hanging with family, or laughing at the antics of his three Dachshunds. There’s no drama with Dan, just a calm and kind demeanor, and a deep satisfaction with life.

  • Paul Tice
    Owner, Chief Administrator Officer


    Paul Tice Owner, CAS (Chief Administrative Support Officer)

    Like anyone called to a career in wellness, Paul Tice is passionate about promoting good health and helping people lead healthier, happier lives. As one of four owners of Healics, he gets to realize his passion every day.

    In the employee wellness industry, Healics is recognized for having innovative products and results-oriented programs that engage employees and improve productivity in workplaces, of all shape and sizes. At Healics, Paul makes sure the bar is consistently raised on all of the services his company has to offer. Every day, he looks for new ways to improve existing programs and introduce fresh ideas to help others take that first step toward a healthier life.

    What does Paul love best about Healics? Having smart, incredible business partners, who together, are educating people about health and helping them live more fulfilled lives.

    And what makes him smile? Love, kindness and family, especially his grandchildren. He enjoys travel and exploring all that life has to offer.

  • Pam Punak
    Human Resources Manager


    Pam Punak Human Resources Manager

    When your human resources manager stresses the importance of balancing work and life, chances are you have a healthy and happy culture in your business. Welcome to Healics. Pam Punak, Human Resource Manager at Healics treasures the family atmosphere she discovers at work each day, and how the owners of Healics know that all employees must have a fulfilling and relaxing life outside of work.

    Pam joined Healics in 2011 and is energized every day by the variety of work, the growth of the organization and the progressive culture she helps to create for all employees. In her role at Healics, Pam’s responsibilities are diverse — ranging from recruitment and retention to employee relations and benefits. She has over 30 years experience in successful human resources management.

    In her leisure, Pam enjoys quality time with her family, walking and exercising. She knows that no matter what, her grandchildren are always guaranteed to make her smile. Pam says she is passionate about staying healthy, and making sure her family enjoys a vibrant, healthy life as well.

  • Lana Sanders, MD
    Medical Director


    Lana Sanders, MD Medical Director

    As an emergency medicine physician for more than 10 years, Lana Sanders, MD, has seen far too many patients in situations of medical crises. That’s one reason that she embraced the opportunity to join the Healics team as Medical Director in 2014. The additional role allows her to focus her talents and expertise on preventive medicine and wellness, with an ultimate goal to help people live vibrant, healthy lives — and keep them out of emergency rooms.

    Throughout her emergency medicine career, including time in a Level I Trauma Center and as a Flight for Life Physician, Dr. Lana has focused on providing compassionate care to her patients. At Healics, she enjoys educating her co-workers on a variety of health and wellness topics, using evidence-based medicine.

    Dr. Lana earned her medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin in 2001 and completed her Emergency Medicine residency at the Medical College in 2004. Along with her role at Healics, she continues her emergency medical practice and is on staff at several area hospitals.

    Understanding the importance of balance and wellness in life, Dr. Lana enjoys time with family and always finds a reason to smile with her three precious daughters. When it’s time to relax, the garden is her sanctuary. She also enjoys listening to music, or creating her own on the piano.

  • Pat Sanders, RN
    Director of Operations


    Pat Sanders, RN, Director of Operations

    Pat Sanders understands the rewards of changing behaviors to lead a healthier life and is invigorated by the opportunity to share her breadth of knowledge with others. As Director of Operations at Healics, she is able to realize her passion every day as she helps the Healics team excel at their jobs, and assists participants to become informed health resource consumers and take steps to achieve their personal health goals.

    All you have to do is spend a little time talking with Pat to immediately feel her passion for what she does, and the strong compassion she has for others. When asked why she works for Healics, she says, “I am consistently impressed by the strong ethical philosophy and total commitment to clients. I have a strong background in medical ethics and find that the owners never waiver from their philosophy and position on providing the highest quality wellness program to all of our participants.”

    A registered nurse, Pat brings more than 30 years of extensive clinical and managerial experience in major metropolitan hospitals to her role. During her career, she owned and operated two very successful businesses, and designed and developed programs for the healthcare and service industries.

    In her leisure, Pat finds joy in her family, a good book, a sunny day and her faith. She is thankful to share her life with her husband and best friend of 48 years.

  • Debbie Wisbeck
    Office Operations Manager


    Debbie Wisbeck Office Operations Manager

    Debbie Wissbeck is passionate about good health, about surrounding herself with people who inspire her, and about living each and every day to its fullest. It’s no wonder that she found a long-term home at Healics and considers her co-workers family.

    Debbie joined Healics in 2003 and has shared her organizational, customer service and problem-solving talents over the years to help the company expand and succeed. In her role as Office Operations Manager, she’s more than comfortable wearing many hats, from supervising shipping and printing, to establishing operational protocols and managing partner relationship. She thrives on challenges and deadlines, and always does so with enthusiasm and a smile.

    According to Debbie, one of her favorite parts of her job is, “working with clients and participants to make the HRA process seamless.”

    When she isn’t bringing order to the office, Debbie enjoys spending time with her other family, soaking up the sun, while boating in summer and taking to the slopes in winter. She’s proud of many accomplishments in her life, particularly her three daughters who have grown up to be successful young adults. Parenting is clearly another job that Debbie does extremely well.

  • Kathy Zarzynski
    Senior Wellness Consultant


    Kathy Zarzynski Senior Wellness Consultant

    Kathy Zarzynski leads a healthy life and has made a career out of bringing her passion for preventive medicine and wellness to others. She joined Healics as Senior Wellness Consultant in 2013, after spending a lifetime perfecting her zest for living well.

    Prior to joining Healics, Kathy spent close to 30 years in the wellness, employee benefits and health insurance industries. She is a seasoned professional in sales, marketing, management, strategic planning, program development, education, medical underwriting and claims processing. Kathy is a member of both the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) and the National Wellness Institute, and an advisory board member for the Wellness Council of Wisconsin.

    A bit of a healthy overachiever, Kathy tends to bring her work home with her. In her leisure, she enjoys activities that also promote wellness, such as healthy cooking, walking, yoga, pilates and relaxing with friends and family. She admits that she also really enjoys a good joke, which is no surprise, since laughter is the best medicine.


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