Meet the Healics Leadership Team

  • Michael Naparalla, RN
    Owner, CEO Sales and Marketing


    Michael Naparalla, RN, Owner, CEO Sales and Marketing

    Michael is one of four owners at Healics. His primary roles are to drive the sales team and develop processes to consistently provide better results for clients. Under his ladership, Healics continues to grow year over year, helping employers nationwide get the tools they need to live healthier, happier, more vibrant lifes.

    With a strong focus on sales, Michael has driven marketing and increased sales by 50% each year for the past 5 years. During the first two years of co-ownership, he established a loyal customer base of 100 small to large employers. Michael continues to pursue new business development, sales and pricing strategies, and customer relations and service. In 2014, Michael won the Future 50’s Award from the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce. His continued dedication to strategic planning will grow Healics’ already positive reputation.

    Michael helped to develop both the Healics mission and its values, and lives them every day.
    In his off hours, he looks forward to fitness and travel, and to celebrating new and existing friendships. Michael welcomes positive, upbeat people, working toward a common goal, into his life.

  • Patti Plough, LPN, CWC
    Owner, CEO Operations


     Patti Plough, Licensed  Nurse, CWC, Owner, CEO Operations

    As one of four owners, Patti strives to inspire her employees every day with her passion and contagious kindness. By developing and improving processes and protocols, she has set high standards and established quality control to support Healics’ 99% customer retention rate. Patti continues to be a dynamic business leader in southeastern Wisconsin through her strategic vision and mission planning. With a strong background in management and leadership, she uses those skills to maintain customer relations.

    People who meet Patti are frequently touched by her kindness and strong sense of compassion. You know immediately that she truly cares about you, what you have to say, and where you are in your life. Patti strives to build self-esteem in others, and want to help you write your own success story.

    Including Healics, Patti has founded and run several thriving companies. If you ask her the secret to these achievements, she'll tell you that it's all about finding your "why", or your deeper purpose. Patti works to make a difference in people's lives. Outside of work, Patti surrounds herself with the love of family, including three grandchildren, who are the light of her life. She is also a contributor to the Make a Wish Foundation, Children’s Hospital, and Hope Hero’s Unite.

    Healics is proud to have Patti Plough, the winner of 2014, 2015 and 2017 Future 50’s award from the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, as one of its owners.

  • Dan Plough
    Owner, Chief Financial Officer


    Dan Plough Owner, Chief Financial Officer

    Since retiring from a satisfying career at American Airlines, Dan has shared his expertise as Chief Financial Officer at Healics. He is half of a happy couple with Healics President, Patti Plough.

    Along with a healthy bottom line, Dan loves the family connection he finds at the office every day — not just with Patti, but with the entire Healics team, who truly enjoy the work they do and their ability to do it together, so very well.

    Dan describes himself as an honest, laid-back type of guy. In his off hours, you might find him watching a classic movie, racing cars, hanging out with family, or laughing at the antics of his three Dachshunds.

  • Paul Tice
    Owner, Chief Administrator Officer


    Paul Tice Owner, CAS (Chief Administrative Support Officer)

    Like anyone called to a career in wellness, Paul Tice is passionate about promoting good health and helping people lead healthier, happier lives. As one of four owners of Healics, he gets to realize his passion every day.

    In the employee wellness industry, Healics is recognized for having innovative products and results-oriented programs that engage employees and improve productivity in workplaces, of all shape and sizes. At Healics, Paul makes sure the bar is consistently raised on all of the services his company has to offer. Every day, he looks for new ways to improve existing programs and introduce fresh ideas to help others take that first step toward a healthier life.

    What does Paul love best about Healics? Having smart, incredible business partners, who together, are educating people about health and helping them live more fulfilled lives.

    And what makes him smile? Love, kindness and family, especially his grandchildren. He enjoys travel and exploring all that life has to offer.

  • Pat Sanders, RN
    Director of Operations


    Pat Sanders, RN, Director of Operations

    Pat Sanders understands the rewards of changing behaviors to lead a healthier life and is invigorated by the opportunity to share her breadth of knowledge with others. As Director of Operations at Healics, she is able to realize her passion every day as she helps the Healics team excel at their jobs, and assists participants to become informed health resource consumers and take steps to achieve their personal health goals.

    All you have to do is spend a little time talking with Pat to immediately feel her passion for what she does, and the strong compassion she has for others. When asked why she works for Healics, she says, “I am consistently impressed by the strong ethical philosophy and total commitment to clients. I have a strong background in medical ethics and find that the owners never waiver from their philosophy and position on providing the highest quality wellness program to all of our participants.”

    A registered nurse, Pat brings more than 30 years of extensive clinical and managerial experience in major metropolitan hospitals to her role. During her career, she owned and operated two very successful businesses, and designed and developed programs for the healthcare and service industries.

    In her leisure, Pat finds joy in her family, a good book, a sunny day and her faith. She is thankful to share her life with her husband and best friend of 48 years.


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