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Advance Planning

Initial set up and planning stages - a member of our staff will work with the employer and explain the entire HRA process from start to finish. View Healics Health Risk Assessment Implementation Timeline for more details.

Data Collection 

Healics coordinates multiple-location work site health screens for their clients.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) - Healics offers the HRA questionnaire in two formats.

The short questionnaire is designed for employers that want a scoring system aimed at motivating employees toward a healthy lifestyle. It includes questions regarding personal history, current medications, tobacco use, vehicle safety, alcohol use and exercise.

The long questionnaire adds self-reported questions addressing preventive health care, health care providers, current health status (eating habits, safety, exercise) and stress.

Based on years of experience, Healics recommends employers use our paper version and have participants bring their completed questionnaires with them to the worksite screening, however, our long questionnaire is also available in an online version (contact Healics for information on viewing a demo).

Biometrics & Blood Draw - Biometrics collected at the worksite health screen include: height, weight, wrist, waist & hip measurements and blood pressure. Blood is drawn from each participant and tested for nicotine, cholesterol (Total, LDL & HDL), triglycerides, glucose and GGT (liver enzyme). Additional blood chemistry tests can be added upon request. Contact Healics for a complete listing of tests available. View HRA frequently asked questions for additional details about our health risk assessment program.

Data Integration & Delivery

The point system for the Healics HRA is claims driven and was developed in 1991 by comparing health care costs with health risks - improvement on the Healics Health Risk Report should directly correlate to savings on your health insurance claims. Our scoring table is color-coded making the risk categories easy to understand. Each health factor is divided into five or six risk levels.

Individual Health Risk Reports - Healics integrates self-reported information from the HRA, biometric screening, and blood work results to identify and report a participant's health risks. All participants receive an individualized report outlining each risk category and their score. Reports are mailed to the participants' homes or delivered in person by a health consultant at the worksite (this can be scheduled through Healics). The individual health risk reports include:

An easy-to-read report with individual results and the Healics Scoring Table.

A protocol for medical referrals & behavior alternatives (when appropriate).

Comparison information allowing the participant to track changes in their health risks from year-to-year.

“Interpreting Your Health Risk Report” - a guidebook for understanding your results and improving your health. The guidebook gives an explanation of each measurable health risk and offers ways to improve your lifestyle and reduce those health risks.

Instructions for creating a secure online account to view the health risk report (for participants to print additional copies of their report).    

Online Group Reports - Aggregate reports are HIPAA compliant and reveal information about your company as a whole. A member of our staff will meet with company executives and insurance agents to give a comprehensive review of the group report if requested. The group report includes:

A current group profile.

User friendly charting and graphing tools.

Charts comparing your group to All-Healics data (the entire Healics test population).

Comparisons between company subgroups (based on gender, employee status and/or location).

Year-to-year comparisons of key health risks for multi-year participants.

Graphs showing interest levels in potential employer sponsored activities.

Additional Services 

Once a client has completed the HRA/biometric screen and all participants have received their reports, Healics offers "next step" recommendations tailored to the specific needs of the company. Our experienced staff has been assisting organizations with the development of their wellness programs for over 27 years. Additional services include: 

Goal setting and incentive management - Incentives, when used effectively, can significantly increase participation in the health risk assessment program and improve the chance that employees will adopt healthier behaviors.

Coaching Services (report delivery, face-to-face, online and telephonic) - Healics has a staff of highly qualified individuals that provide HRA report delivery and ongoing coaching services to employers and their employees. In addition, we work with organizations locally and nationwide to provide these services as needed.

Healics LifeWorks Online and Wellness Workshops - This website includes articles relating to health issues and a comprehensive health library. Site users can register for online health coaching, join online workshops and access tools dealing with weight management, smoking cessation and stress management. All Healics clients have access to this website.

Upload personal health information (PHI) to a client's disease management provider upon request.

Upload incentive qualifying information to the employer upon request.

Contact Healics to request further information about our program or to set up an appointment with a sales representative.

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