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How to Navigate a Farmers Market

It can be intimidating in more ways than one if you have never been to your neighborhood farmers market. These markets are extremely manageable and that is important to know because they are not for exclusive groups. There are certain tips and tricks that will make farmers markets easier to navigate and much better to enjoy. To start your day off right, do yourself a favor and attend your local farmers market on a sunny, warm morning. The weather will either make or break your experience. Follow this checklist for your visit to the neighborhood farmers market:

  1. Bags151-512[1]

Because farmers markets can get crowded, a bag with small wheels is going to be the most efficient. You will be buying something with each vendor that catches your eye, which means your bags will get pretty full, pretty fast. One thing to look for when picking a farmers market bag is choosing something that can collapse. Just in case you don’t use all of the bags you decide to bring, you can collapse it.

  1. Cash versus Card

One of the best things you can do to take full advantage of the farmers market is to have cash on you. Most vendors do not accept credit cards, however it is becoming more common for them to use mobile credit card but do not rely on this technology. Cash is reliable for all farmers markets.

  1. Make Friends

Farmers markets are full of people just like you – they want to spend their Saturday or Sunday morning leisurely 88-512[1]walking around buying their weekly fruits and vegetables. This is the perfect opportunity to chat with the vendors, as well as the other locals. By conversing with the people present, you will make friends and possibly find out where new markets are within your city.

These three tips are simple ways to start your journey with exploring farmers markets. By having the right bags, carrying cash, and making friends, your days at the farmers markets will fly by. Buying local fresh fruits and vegetables not only support local farmers, but you are also sustaining your healthy lifestyle while enjoying yourself.

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