Help Your Employees Reduce Financial Stress During the Holidays

Help Your Employees Reduce Financial Stress During the Holidays

The holidays can be stressful for everyone, particularly when it comes to finances. According to a recent survey from SunTrust Banks, 46% of Americans feel pressured to spend more than they can afford during the holiday season. That number jumps for parents of children under 18. A recent T. Rowe Price survey sampled 1,000 parents across the country and found 62% of them agreed with the statement, “I spent more for my kids over the holidays than I should have.”  Out of that group of parents, 47% used credit cards, 9% dipped into emergency funds, and 7% tapped their retirement accounts to help bring bigger smiles to their children’s faces during the holidays.

Now, consider how financial stress affects your employees, and ultimately your bottom line, on a daily basis. A 2014 survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers found that nearly a quarter of workers confirm that personal finance issues are a distraction at work, and 39% say they spend three hours or more each week dealing with issues related to personal finance. This ongoing stress takes a toll on their overall health and well-being — as well as the health of your organization. According to a Forbes study, financial stress costs an average of $5,000 per employee per year in lost productivity.

How Healics can help

At Healics, we have tools and resources to help your employees become more financially stable — during the holidays and throughout the year. Money Management Educators (MME), Healics’ financial wellness partner, offers complementary programs for your business and your employees. These comprehensive on-site financial wellness seminars and individual sessions are highly interactive, and specifically designed to motivate and engage employees to take better care of their financial health.

Our MME contact, Cindi Fox, is available to work directly with you to develop a financial wellness program to help keep your employees from overspending at the holidays, and put them on a year-round path to a secure financial future. MME is an education-only organization, which means there is no solicitation at any time. Let Cindi share her passion for financial wellness education to help your employees stop worrying and implement real change in saving, investing, retirement and estate planning. These complementary financial resources can offer a range of benefits for everyone,

Choose from a range of workshop topics, or work with Cindi to create one or more of your own tailored specifically to holiday spending. We also create seminars and workshops custom designed to meet your company’s particular needs, including stock option seminars, workforce reduction sessions, retiree workshops and company-sponsored plan rollouts.

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Whether you are a company of two or 10,000, Healics can work with you to develop financial and other wellness programs to help your employees and your business. We’re nurse-owned and -operated, and will partner with you to create a wellness culture that helps to lower insurance claims, reduce health premiums — and most importantly — allows your employees to lead healthier, happier lives.

Want to give your employees the benefit of better health? Call us at 1-800-HEALICS today or contact us now.