Patti Plough

Healics, Interra Health Merger Celebration

May 31st, 2017— Healics staff members from both Brookfield and Milwaukee campuses joined offsite employees and ownership at the Milwaukee Public Museum to celebrate the merging of Healics and Interra Health. Each of the 80 guests were greeted and introduced to Patti Plough, Derek Boyce, Ryan Sommers and Dan Plough who were there representing ownership at the event.


Patti Plough, President/CEO of Operations and one of the now six owners of Healics, welcomed guests to the event with a heartfelt speech about the company’s bright future. Patti explained the history and expertise of Interra Health, in addition to Healics and their combined opportunity for growth.

Interra Health, founded in 2001 by Derek Boyce and Ryan Sommers, was originally created as an occupational therapy and chiropractic services, but has evolved into primary and preventive care.

Healics, founded in 1985 by Leigh Cord, was acquired by Patti Plough and Michael Naparalla in 2011 and has been nurse-owned and -operated since Patti and Michael acquired the business. The proprietary health risk assessment tool has made Healics an industry leader in health and wellness.

Patti explained that Healics and Interra each have individual areas of expertise that, when combined, will result in a company that is a recognized leader in both employee preventive health and wellness programs and employer health clinics.


For the remainder of the event, guests broke up into teams consisting of staff from both campuses, then set out in the museum to complete a scavenger hunt which guided guests throughout the entire first floor of the museum. Along the way, food stations were prepared serving salads, main courses and desserts.

The event concluded with a more unified Healics team of employees, ready to grow together in helping more people live happier, healthier, more vibrant lives.

We hope you continue to share in excitement of the growth of Healics!