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Healthy Eating During Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for the overeating, alcoholic drinks, and weekends full of snacking. Holidays are joyous occasions, so don’t let the fear of weight gain get the best of you. Here are a few tips to help keep your healthy lifestyle on track. It’s important to continue living your healthiest and happiest life, even during Thanksgiving.


Start with Fresh Veggies

Although the cheese and sausage platter will catch your eye, put on your tunnel vision and head towards the veggies. Peppers, carrots, broccoli or any non-starchy veggies are a great way to fill your plate. Full of nutrients and good calories, fresh veggies are the perfect snack food to hold you over until dinner is served.

Once dinner is ready and your dinner plate is begging to be covered in potatoes, veer away from those starches and head towards cooked veggies. Green beans, Brussels sprouts or cooked carrots will be the best substitutes to those buttery potatoes.


Turkey Time

After smelling the delicious seasonings and golden aromas, the time has finally come where the guests and hosts can come together to enjoy the turkey. If you are a vegetarian celebrating Thanksgiving, keep an eye out for a beet salad or a vegetable soup.

For the carnivores interested in diving in, dig into the skinless white meat. It is filled with the best protein that will leave you feeling fuller, longer. Although the crispy seasoned skin is mouth-watering, it carries the extra grease and oils that aren’t supportive of proper digestion.



The holidays are known to be a stressful time and it may seem easier to enjoy an extra beer, glass of wine or even a fancy cocktail. What many don’t realize is that those drinks are filled with empty calories that leave you feeling bloated. It is recommended from the American Heart Association that women consume one drink and men consume two drinks, per day. Although it is easy to have more than that, try your hardest to stick to one drink for the day, but two or more is perfectly acceptable if you find a different way to cut down on extra calories.



The final course of the day – dessert! There are always many selections, but what is important remember is that limited portions are key. If many desserts catch your eye, try them in small doses. Desserts are filled with extra sugars that will bring you crashing down at the end of the night. Want another piece of pie? Steer clear because that is a sure way of avoiding extra, unwanted calories.

The holiday season is a time of grazing and mingling with drinks, but don’t let that combination take you away from the progress you have been making to live your healthy lifestyle.


How Healics Can Help

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