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Attainable New Years Resolutions

It’s a new year which means there are new opportunities to set new goals, however a common theme is how many goals end up unattained. Moving into 2018, try a unique way of setting goals: start out with one small and attainable goal. The importance of setting a small goal, to begin with, has lasting effects on your motivation, attention, and organization.

Follow these simple steps when considering your New Year’s resolution.

  1. Before any planning, start out by identifying several small goals that could be your goal; This first step is a good place to start research and look for inspiration from those who have completed a similar goal.
  2. Once you have identified your goal, set a deadline; It is important to have a final deadline, but also give yourself smaller deadlines along the way to keep you motivated as you complete your goal.
  3. Along with smaller deadlines, identify the steps that need to be completed by those deadlines; Take time to describe each step to mentally prepare yourself.
  4. Write it all down; By writing down your timeline of small goals, research, and deadlines, your goal will become more of a reality rather than a dream.

As you take on 2018 with a new goal in mind, share your inspiration with your family and friends. Once you do this, there will be a system of accountability and support. Not only will you have a support system with you to conquer your deadlines, but you will also have people there for you when roadblocks are presented.

Some possible road blocks that could affect your journey are: fear, motivation, and not believing in yourself. If you follow these steps of identifying a small goal, setting deadlines, writing it down, and sharing it with family and friends, you will help prevent many roadblocks from stopping you along the way. It is important to remind yourself daily why you are reaching for this goal – it will keep you motivated to keep working hard.

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