About Healics

The health and well-being of your employees are vital to your success. When you give your team members the tools needed to lead healthier lives, they are more energetic, more vibrant and more eager to attack the workday.

At Healics, we can help your employees enjoy the best, brightest lives possible. We offer professional health coaching, employee wellness programs, biometric screenings and face-to-face customized services to help your staff achieve wellness goals greater than they ever thought possible.

Nurse-owned and -operated
Healics is nurse-owned and -operated, which means care and compassion are in our DNA. Both nurse owners, Michael Naparalla and Patti Plough, are actively engaged in day-to-day operations. We also have an on-staff physician, who adds an extra layer of preventive health and wellness expertise.

Extraordinary service
Our 100+ employees are meticulously trained and committed to providing incredible service. We hire and train our own examiners and wellness coaches, which means they share the Healics vision and are truly invested in our success, and in yours.

Proven programs
The Healics Health Risk Assessment/biometrics screening is a proprietary tool developed and perfected over a 30-year timeframe. Our combined wealth of experience means that we know how to capture a true picture of your organization’s overall health and provide the wellness tools, coaching and incentives to change it for the better.

Discover the difference
Every year, we partner with over 500 employers nationwide and screen more than 130,000 participants — for groups ranging in size from two to 10,000. And every day, we make a real difference in organizations, just like yours.

At Healics, we’re committed to providing every participant the opportunity to live the healthiest, most vibrant life possible. Through any challenge and toward any goal, we’re here for you — and your employees.


Healics Inc.
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